Monday, March 12, 2012

Valentine's Pizza (Developing Talents)

So for this activity the girls make some "Valentine's Pizzas"!! I was super excited for this activity but unfortunely I got food poisioning the night before and was just not feeling well enough to make it. Sister Thomas did it all by herself!! I don't have pictures either... but I'm sure ya'll can imagine!

What you will need:
-rhodes rolls
-toppings (i think pepperoni is enough)
-tin foil

So a few hours before the activity you'll want to put two rhodes rolls on a piece of tin foil (about 8x8). You'll let the rolls rise during the day (it says on the package how long... I think if they are frozen its 8 hours). Then when the girls get there they can shape thier dough into a heart, add the sauce and then cheese and then toppings. If you have quite a few girls like we do, it worked to put the tin foil on a cookie sheet to easily get in and out of the oven. Depending on the size of your cookie sheet you can fit about 6 on each and if your oven has two racks you can cook 12 little pizzas at a time.

After the pizzas cook for about 15 minutes on 425, they are ready to eat! This is something the girls could easily make at home for their families and of coarse they all LOVED pizza!

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  1. Did this today and the girls loved it! It was super easy and tasted really good too :) thank you!!