Thursday, October 18, 2018

Articles of Faith Turkey Bowl! Learning and Living the Gospel

You bowl to hit down turkey pins! See what I did there ;) 

Instead of the usual 10 pins, you'll need 13... 1 for each Article of Faith. While bowling, if you hit down 6 pins, you pull a "6" question card... if you hit down 2, you pull a "2" question card. Each of the question cards corresponds to its Article of Faith. Each bowler gets 2 turns. If after their second turn the bowler knocks down all the pins, they pull a "spare" question card.

 Most of the question cards are fill in the blank. Have each bowler read  the question card (Article of Faith) out loud for everyone to hear. After their turn bowling, have them replace their question card at the bottom of the pile (that way if you go through more than 8, you'll have enough questions with some repeats) and then have them take a turn setting up the pins for the person behind them... creating a rotation. That way the leader can be helping with the question cards.

Prep: About 20 mins to make turkey bowling pins and cut/glue question cards. 
Supplies: 13 empty water bottles, ball for bowling (small soccer ball works great) 

Get these files HERE :)


  1. Are there printables for this activity? It looks so fun!

  2. I was wondering about printable pages too! this looks very fun!