Thursday, April 11, 2019

Gospel Standards Starburst Scramble - Latter Day Saint Activity

This activity is similar to the Articles of Faith Hunt.  and is an awesome activity to do outside!

There are 13 "My Gospel Standards". Each one is split into three pieces (39 total). 
For this activity, have the players find all the pieces (hidden in a room or outside) and put them in the correct order. These pieces were sized to fit a starburst double pack. For extra fun, split your group into two... Pink Team VS. Red Red Team and have them race each other!!

Depending on how you want to do the activity, you would need:

39 Starbursts: If you are only doing 1 set (not a competition) and want to attach each "piece" to a starburst


78 Starbursts: If you are having two teams compete and you are using BOTH Pink and Red


Simply attach a Starburst to each handout. You can scatter the pieces without any Starbursts and have players find just the "pieces" of paper. 

If you can access my blog from your phone, you can save this invitation below as a picture. Then, edit it with any simple photo-editing tool to add text and fill in the information for Place, Time and Date. Then you can text out this invitation/reminder :). 

Once they have found all the pieces... it should look something like this. If you have extra time, you have can have the players scramble all the pieces and put them back in order again :)

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