Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Visit Pioneer Village (Developing Talents)

For this activity, we went to the Pionner Village museum in Provo, Utah. 

Here is information from the Website:


Sons of Utah Pioneers Village

Location: North Park at 500 North 500 West.
Step back in history at the Pioneer Village. Get a glimpse of what life was like before our modern conveniences. The village features pioneer buildings and furnishings, wagons, farm implements, and a blacksmith shop. Special features include an ox lift (used for shoeing oxen), a restored covered wagon and a cabin built in 1853.
Village Hours: Summer hours, beginning May 31st, are Monday 5-8 p.m., Tuesday through Friday from 4-7 p.m. and Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. There is no admission charge, but donations are welcome. Special group appointments are available by calling 801-377-8294 or 801-375-9299. 
Fee: There is no charge to visit the village; however, donations to help with restoration and maintenance are welcomed.
Mark your calendar for our Summer Special Events:
Pioneer Craft Fair: June 9th
Pioneer Day: July 24th
Pioneer Craft Fair: August 24th
I think the girls had a really great time learning how things used to be. I feel like I even got a better appreciation for what we have now compared to then. I think their favorite part of the tour was at the end when they got to play with some of the toys that the pioneers would have played with in their school house.


Friday, July 6, 2012

New Calendars

New Calendars :)

I am posting these instead of just putting them on the side so they are bigger... I still haven't figured out how to put a document on here that allows ya'll to bring it up in word so you can edit them yourselves... but here they are nonetheless. As always, if you want me to e-mail them to you in a word document, just let me know.

*** UPDATE ***

I have put these calendars on my new ETSY, along with updated calendars (2014 &2015) and many of the other files!! If you would like these files right away... you can visit:

Personal Fitness: “Camp PAD” (Developing Talents)

So we wanted to talk to the girls about the importance of physical fitness and starting to get in the habit of being active while they are young. At first I wasn't positive what I wanted the "CAMP PAD" to include because some of our girls are a lot more active and competitive than others... and I definately didn't want to turn activity days into some sort of drills hour.  Most of them play sports, dance and have a good idea about most of that. Then I got thinking maybe they don't know that much about other kinds of ways to be physically active. I know many of the families have passes to community centers so I figured maybe we could introduce them to the classes that you normally see there. So...the main things we practiced/did were stretching, yoga, pilates and zumba. I printed most of the following off and had them to show the girls as we practiced them.

First I told them the difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise and that basically aerobic is when they go for a while and breath a lot (using oxygen) and that anaerobic is short burst of energy like sprinting and uses energy in their muscles (I guess I did get something out of my college degree!).

Then we started with going through some stretching exercises.... there are a lot on the internet to choose from, but also included some of my own favorite stretches.

Then we went on to Yoga and tried these positions, learning their names:

along with the Sun Salutation, a basic Yoga movement.

"Sun Salutation or "surya namaskar" is the basic foundation for the power yoga practice. Surya Namaskar literally means "obeisance to the sun". The Sun Salutations are a complete workout in themselves and thoroughly warm up the entire body, preparing it to awaken to the benefits of the postures." - Sol Power Yoga

I was going to do some pilates next but we ran out of time and the girls were really excited about Zumba. Here are the pilates things we would have done:

Zumba... I could be wrong but Zumba to me is basically dancing, with someone leading. According to wikipedia, "Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included.[3] "

So for Zumba I asked for volunteers to get up in front of everyone and do a few dance moves and the rest of us would follow. We had the music turned up loud and just started dancing. Every once in a while a girl would scream out "freestyle" which meant do whatever you want. We were outside but I had my phone with you-tube hooked up to our stereo and two of the girls (sisters) knew a dance to "Waka Waka" ( and led the rest of us in the dance. I thought it was a perfect example of Zumba and the girls really liked it.

After that it was time to end so we had some popcycles and I think the girls had a blast :).

Daughters’ and Dads’ Summer Fun (Serving Others)

For the Daughters’ and Dads’ Summer Fun activity we met at a park for pizza, rootbeer floats and kickball!

Kickball is a really great sport cause you can kinda choose your level of physical fitness and most everyone can participate. All you need is some grass ( we were lucky to have a park with a baseball field), a kickball (you can get them at big five and i'm sure many other places) and I just used cardboard for the bases. We got some pizzas from Costco and had watermelon and carrots, with root beer floats as our drink and dessert. The first thing we had everyone do is fill out a sticky name tag that I made with "two truths and a trick" (also known as two truths and a lie... but we decided to stay away from "lie") Each father and daughter wrote down two things that were true about themselves and one that was not. Then while we were eating dinner and playing games, they were to go around and guess which of the three statements was the "trick". Its a good way to help conversation and get to know each other a little better.


This was my example:

Name: ___Nicole_____
 1. I speak french

2. I lived in Alaska

3. I had 8 bridesmaid and no groomsmen.

The girls must know me better than I thought... most of them guess correctly... I have never lived in Alaska :)