Sunday, August 19, 2018

Happy Thoughts Activity & Craft - Scripture Search - Activity Days

So the other night my little girl came into my room not because she was scared, but because she was sad. Broke my heart and it just made me think how we could all use some reminders that there are plenty of things to be happy about!

I know that most of the time, silliness is not a problem for Activity Days! So I thought why not embrace it, let them be as silly as possible and give them a good memory? I also know that many times, these activity girls and boys go home to a not-so-happy place. I think school can be especially hard at this age, (whether its because of bad grades, not as many friends, bullying…whatever)so I thought this could be a great activity to put a smile on some faces and to dig into the scriptures. Hopefully, if they are ever in a sad spot later, they can remember this activity,that they can open their scriptures and read how heavenly father is always with us and there is hope.

For this activity, each participant will need some scriptures (I would invite them to bring their own). You'll also need a writing utensils, scissors and some glue. You'll want at least two participants but can have as many as you need. 

1. Each participant receives a “fill in the blank” scripture quote paper. Have them pair up and stand at a station. There are 8 stations. If there are more than 16 participants, have groups of three and if you don't have 16, just have some empty stations. 
2. At each station, there's a paper with "scripture search" on one side, and "being silly" on the other  (once printed, this page is folded in half so it can be double sided). Have them each pick a scripture to look up and read out loud to one another, finding the missing word and writing it on their scripture quote paper. 

3.  Once they have found and read their scriptures and filled out the missing words, have them turn the scripture search page over for the being silly part - a joke and funny action. Funny actions include "make a silly face, do a silly dance, give someone a compliment, etc. 

4. After each station, have them rotate to the next station when everyone looks done. Once all 8 scripture search stations are complete, do a happy thoughts craft with the scriptures and a other things. This can be taken home and hung up in their rooms. 

The blank canvas is two pieces of paper that will need to be glued together (they can do this part). "Happy things" for the craft include things like pets, friends, family, fireworks, camping.... anything I thought could spur a happy thought :). There are 8 of each item per page... not everyone will want everything so print accordingly. There's also a page with blank circles if they want to draw their own. 

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