Saturday, September 1, 2018

Temple Date Night Sign-Up Sheet & Babysitting Coupons - Serving Others

Help the youth serve others with babysitting for the temple! Since Activity Day aged youth are not old enough to do temple work, help them allow others to do temple work.

Here are two ways to do this - with "babysitting coupons" and with a "babysitting sign-up" sheet:

Babysitting Coupons: After visiting the temple grounds and walking around the temple for an Activity Days activity (maybe also have them bring their journals and give them some alone time to write in them, sing songs, and if possible watch a temple movie in the lobby), give each youth the "babysitting coupons" that they can take home with them, fill out and then give to whoever they choose/are comfortable with.  If you have a younger group (8 may be too young to offer babysitting) maybe have them team up and pass out the "babysitting coupons" in couples.

Babysitting Sign Up: Make this the activity for activity days. Maybe plan on using the Nursery Room at the church, or maybe even the gym. Print the sign-up sheet ahead of time and allow it to circulate in Relief Society, Primary and Young Women's so the moms in the ward have a chance to sign-up. This will also give you an idea on whose planning on coming. You'll need to schedule your Activity Days for a little longer on the day you do this. Please note the sign-up sheet says "a leader will also be there", so the leader should plan on attending, but allow the  youth to primarily be responsible.  If doing this for Activity Days, this will allow the younger youth to babysit with a supervisor, a good way to start babysitting. Maybe have each youth come to the activity with a different game or song they will be responsible in leading.

** When filling out the time on the sign-up sheet, I recommend putting a time frame. Ex. 4pm-7pm... so the parents know they should plan on being back around 7pm.

I also made sign-ups for Young Women's and Young Men's. 

You can get my files for this HERE. 

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