Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Primary Activities and Goals Kit - New for 2020

HEY there!

So excited about all the changes we have seen to the Primary Program! I've had a few people ask me if I was going to update my trusty old "Starter Kit" and the answer is finally YES! Most of this kit is the same.... it has an Information Sheet, Attendance Sheet, Calendars, Brainstorm Goals, My Primary Goals, Birthday and Planning sheets. The main difference is there is no "tracking sheet" anymore. HOWEVER- I did include a "Support Sheet". 

 I put A TON of thought into this, and wanted to share why I made this "Support Sheet". Sister Jones encouraged children to start setting one goal per year in each area of growth (spiritual, social, intellectual and physical) beginning the year they turn 8. She also said that “Leaders and parents, keep in mind that you help children and youth best when you support their efforts instead of tracking them. Some goals, after all, are private,” Sister Jones added.

This "Support Sheet" is meant to the leader to track (yes, I'm afraid to use that word) THEMSELVES. We've been asked as leaders to support the youth. This is to help leaders remember where they have supported already and where they might be able to support some more. 

I hope you find this kit (Found HERE) super helpful as we help the youth in their personal development! -*/

If your ward has chosen to meet 4 times a month instead of 2, also available are calendars that instead of every six months, are every 4 months: 

Some sheets to help with goal setting and parent support

 And an invitation that you can print OR save on your phone and text. 

To use this invitation (anyone can use this anytime): Go to this blog from your phone, select this picture and "save image" to your phone. Then open it in any photo editing app and add text with your information on it. Save the new invitation with your information, and send your invitation to anyone VIA text (or e-mail)!!


  1. How do I print a copy of your new activity days kit? Do I buy it on Etsy?

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