Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Treating the Elderly: Serving Others

This was such a fun activity! We split the girls up into three different groups and each group went and visited a different elderly couple in our ward. At first the girls were very apprehensive. I even had one girl on the doorstep loud enough for the couple to hear say " I'm afraid of old people". So they were shy at first but after we got in the home and started talking... it was hard to get the girls out of the house! They learned a lot of cool things from these couples. At the end, we spent the last 10 minutes of our time back at Trinity's house talking about our experience and what we learned. One group went to a house where they got to see a paper that President Hinckley had signed and they thought that was SUPER cool. It was really fun and I imagine the couples really enjoyed the visit also.

Road to Leadership: Developing Talents

Trinity and I were talking about how important it is for the girls to learn leadership skills. What we have done is started the "Road to Leadership" program where each girl now knows that before they graduate to Young Womens, they will have the opportunity to plan and organize an activity days activity. As the leaders we will help them along the way, but it will be the girl that will come up with and lead the activity.

For our first "Road to Leadership", Ali came up with two activities! She had two work stations... one where we made "thumb" cards and another where we made little puppets for the nursery kids. I hung out more around the thumb station and it was fun to see what the girls could come up with. We made these cards using ink pads and our fingerprints. These cards were to be used to give to someone else to brighten thier day.

Our finished products. I had my baby there so I took his hand and foot print.

The leaves on the tree are thumb prints and the owls are too

Some THUMB ideas...

Ali had yummy St. Patricks Day cookies for us at the end of our activity.