Friday, January 9, 2015

Random Activity Days Ideas

Today I was looking for something in my e-mail and I came across this list I made for a planning session. Some of these we used, but not all of them so I thought I would share all these ideas in case they work for you :)

Activity Days Ideas
* A manners activity where we learn to set a table correctly and other etiquette.
* teach them how to plant a flower (starting with a pot, soil, seeds, ect)
* time capsule activity- have them write goals for the next 5-10-15 years. Have them draw pictures where they want to be
* make an apron – one week we can go to the store and let them pick out their fabric (maybe the $1 section at walmart), the next we can sew them.
* Make a necklace with fabric and large wooden beads (I did this with my friends…. It was really easy)
* Father-daughter dinner- we can maybe make spaghetti… something easy the girls can do themselves. We could do this at the church and have the girls come 1 hour before their fathers. We can divide the girls up and give them each a different responsibility like:
o Boil the noodles
o Warm up the sauce
o Make rolls
o Set the table (using their manners and etiquette knowledge)
o Make the dessert
* Homemade personal pizzas with rhodes rolls and pie pan. This is a super easy dinner… casey and I do it all the time. Maybe while the pizzas are in the oven, we can have them watch a church movie.
* For valentines day: have the girls frost and decorate sugar cookies for a few families of their choice in the ward or maybe the bishopric, then drop them off.

You can also visit my Etsy to see if anything will spark an idea :)

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