Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mothers’ and Daughters’ Spring Fling (Serving Others)

For this activity, Sister Thomas and I (ok... mostly Sister Thomas) put together a dinner for the mothers and daughters. When everyone got to the activity, we had them fill out the following questions (not all the girls had moms with them) :

What is something special about you?

What do you like to do with the person(s) you brought?

What is something that you especially like about them?

After we ate dinner, I read the cards outloud and everyone had to guess who the card was talking about. It was fun for the mothers and daughters to hear what thier each of them had to say about one another. Also the mothers got to learn more about each other.

If we were to re-do this activity, I would have changed how we prepared the meal a little. We had spaghetti, tomatoe sauce and alfredo sauce, garlic bread, salad and fruit. I think the girls would haved liked to participated in making the meal. The girls could have come over an hour before their moms and with a meal like spaghetti... they would have done a great job preparing it for thier moms.

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