Friday, July 6, 2012

Daughters’ and Dads’ Summer Fun (Serving Others)

For the Daughters’ and Dads’ Summer Fun activity we met at a park for pizza, rootbeer floats and kickball!

Kickball is a really great sport cause you can kinda choose your level of physical fitness and most everyone can participate. All you need is some grass ( we were lucky to have a park with a baseball field), a kickball (you can get them at big five and i'm sure many other places) and I just used cardboard for the bases. We got some pizzas from Costco and had watermelon and carrots, with root beer floats as our drink and dessert. The first thing we had everyone do is fill out a sticky name tag that I made with "two truths and a trick" (also known as two truths and a lie... but we decided to stay away from "lie") Each father and daughter wrote down two things that were true about themselves and one that was not. Then while we were eating dinner and playing games, they were to go around and guess which of the three statements was the "trick". Its a good way to help conversation and get to know each other a little better.


This was my example:

Name: ___Nicole_____
 1. I speak french

2. I lived in Alaska

3. I had 8 bridesmaid and no groomsmen.

The girls must know me better than I thought... most of them guess correctly... I have never lived in Alaska :)

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