Monday, January 28, 2013

Family Home Evening Packets (Learning and Living the Gospel)



I wish I could take credit for this activity... but it was all my partner. She is GREAT! And so good with the girls. We made Family Home Evening packets for the girls to take home with them and be in charge of an FHE with thier families. At the beginning of the activity Trinity read a story to the girls about animals and how they are different and that different is OKAY.

"And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye unto them likewise" Luke 6:31

Trinity said she got most of the materials online... so I'm sure if any of you would like to recreate this, you can get inspiration from these pictures but choose exactly what you want to go in them yourselves. Here is what we used:

  1. A folder for everything to go in:

 2. A write-up on the activity with what is included in the packet for the girls to use as a guide when they are teaching FHE.

 3. A song for them to sing

4. These are the animals that we had the girls color and put together. It went along with the story of how being different is okay.

5. The Animal Story. I tried finding it online to share the link but I couldn't :(

6. An easy recipe for the girls to make for FHE before or for FHE

7. After reading them the story and talking about how it's okay to be different, we let them color their animals and put their packets together.


  1. Love this idea! Would your partner be willing to share her documents with us? I would be forever grateful if she did!

  2. I found the link she got all her materials from:
    Thanks so so much for the idea, I'm using it today! Love your blog!

  3. The story and graphics are from The Friend. I recognize it from 15-20 years ago!! I used it when my adult children were younger.

  4. Here is the link to the Friend magazine with the story, lesson ideas, and graphics:
    Such a wonderful lesson!