Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Activity Update

Hey! So this is what I ended up actually using for the activity. The girls spent the first part of the night coloring thier sayings:

And this is the example I made. I could kick myself... we forgot to get pictures of the girls making them! This is the only picture I have. With cute valentine's day paper (not just boring pink) these actually turned out really cute! The girls had SO much fun making them. They were very excited and chatting away the whole time. We pretty much had to kick them out of the house at the end.

I ended up getting all the candy and pretzels for $25 with lots left over. Not too bad for 12 girls to make 8 Valentines each :)

*** UPDATE ***

I have put these calendars on my new ETSY, along with many of the other files!! If you would like these files, along with many of my other files right away... you can visit: