Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hey everyone! I am SO incredibly sad to report that I have been released from Activity Days :( !!!
I was a leader for three years and I am pretty sure I think it's the best calling in the whole church! I am very excited for the next person who will get to serve in this calling.

I plan to keep this blog up for anyone who wants to check it out... I won't be adding much to it, but hopefully new leaders to come will get some ideas. I still had a few things up my sleeve that I want to share now before I totally close this calling in my life.

I have been working on these song lyrics to give the girls as a gift for maybe their birthday or when they graduate. I was planning on printing it off and putting it in a cute frame. I have the PDF version that I'd be happy to e-mail you... I'm just not sure how often I will be checking my activity days e-mail (activitydaysforfun@gmail.com). You can also get them HERE and all 5 of them HERE.





 Also... when I taught swimming lessons it was oftentimes very difficult to get my little swimmers to behave. I got this idea from my mom... that after each lesson if they were good, I would give them an "atta boy" or "atta girl". It worked like a CHARM. Even though it was just a peice of paper... it somehow made them act like angels! So.... I thought for Activity Days when the girls ever did something that was kind, caring, thoughtful or nice... that we would give them an Atta Girl. For example... the other day one of our girls, Ali, offered everyone else a cookie before she took one herself. She totally could have had first pick and no one would have noticed... but instead to let everyone else have a cooke first. I was totally impressed with that. I really wanted to whip out an "Atta Girl". I think if the girls new they could always be earning them... and we gave them out regularly, it would be a great addition to our activities.

I would just print this out and maybe put on on cute paper as a background:

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