Saturday, November 29, 2014

Articles of Faith Booklet Activity

I was playing with my Articles of Faith PowerPoint a little bit and thought of this activity that I hope will help just a few more girls with memorizing their Articles of Faith. My PowerPoint has a few slides for each of the Articles of Faith in which it starts with all the words, then I start taking words away. I adapted my PowerPoint (that was 64 pages) down to just 16, and added a few things so after printing, it can be easily made into a booklet. This is something you could do for the girls, or this could be an activity where the girls make their own. This booklet ends up being just a quarter of a page which is perfect for them to fit in their scriptures and is a great quiet (church time) activity.

1. Print the PDF (1 copy for each girl). 
2. Cut along the gray dotted lines
3. Put the pages in the correct order. Notice page numbers on the top right corner.
4. Bind the top. You can do this with staples, hole punch/cute ribbon, or even a ring.
5. Fill in "This book belongs to" page. If the girls are making the booklets, they can sign and decorate it.

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