Thursday, December 4, 2014

Subway Art for Articles of Faith

It feels like yesterday that I was posting these subway art of Primary song lyrics. I made them as a gift to give the girls on their birthday or when they graduate from Primary. My plan was to print them off and put them in a cute frame. Since they became so popular I decided to also make them using the Articles of Faith. Here are some ideas:

1. They can be used to help the girls memorize the Articles. You can give the girls a copy or hang up the one you are working on at the activity.
2. They can be used as a gift when they get the article memorized. They can be encourage to collect all 13.
3. They can be printed and made into a book that can be given to girls as they enter Activity Days.

I have the PDF version that I'd be happy to e-mail you... I check my activity days email about once every 2 months. ( You can also get them instantly HERE.  You can also check out my "subway art 2 color" files HERE

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