Sunday, September 13, 2015

Activity Days Faith In God "Witches Brew"

This "Faith In God Treasure Hunt" was so popular, that I wanted to so something similar for Halloween: Faith In God Witches Brew.

Synopsis: Invite the girls to dress up like witches for this activity. Then when they arrive, they are given a recipe but without the ingredients. They must hunt down hidden clue cards that give them the correct ingredients, just like we must work for our Faith In God award. Once they have found all the ingredients, they can make the cookies!

So I figured that the girls could learn about how to get their Faith In God award by making "Swig" cookies (if you live in Utah, you probably know how fantastic these sugar cookies are). So the idea is that the ingredients to the "Witches Brew" come together to make the Faith In God Award, similar to how ingredients make cookies. 

 Once  the girls arrive, give them this print-out that they can fold in half, so on either side of their half sheet they have a recipe: 

On the first side, they have the "ingredients" to the Faith In God award, which hopefully
 by the end of the lesson they will be more familiar with.

Then on the other side, they have ingredients to the "Swig" cookie. But just like witches have to hunt down ingredients for their "brews", the girls must hunt down and fill out the correct recipe for the cookies. Each Faith In God requirement is assigned a different food ingredient, with a clue to tie them together. For example:

Pray Daily = You "butter" pray, every day = 1 C Butter 

Write Your Testimony = Write your testimony down so it won't spoil, that will help your lamp stay full of oil = 3/4 C Vegetable Oil. 

These clue cards can be hidden around a church building, around a back yard... anywhere. The girls, while in their witches costumes, have to go around and fill out the recipe by finding the clue cards. Once all the girls have found all the clue cards and have their "Swig" Cookie Recipe all filled out, then everyone can come together to make the cookies. While the cookies are baking, you can go over the Faith In God award requirements and ask the girls if they have any questions about getting their award. 

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  1. I just found your etsy shop, then consequently your blog. When I clicked on the witches brew for the clues for the swig cookie recipe, it took me to your etsy shop, but It didn't take me to the exact activity. Can you direct me to that one? By the way, I LOVE YOU.

    I've been the Activities Day leader for about two years and sometimes I just panic with no plan. But now I hope I get to stay in this calling for a few more years. I have plans to use every one of these in your etsy shop. You are amazing. I've already favored some of the future lessons, and of course your whole shop. And your blog has been bookmarked as well.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. You are a life-saver!!!!

  2. I also couldn't find the activity and I really would love to buy it! What happened to it? Thanks

    1. They had sold out without me realizing! So sorry... I updated it so it should be available now. Thanks!

  3. You are absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!