Friday, November 6, 2015

Thanksgiving Minute To Win It

Minute to Win It - Thanksgiving style! Hopefully this is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving and get the girls to think about what we can be thankful for! This does take some prep work... paper cutting and taping. However, if you don't want to play all 6 games, you can choose which ones of these you want to do.... maybe based on the materials you already have without having to go to a store!

1. Coco Dunk - Place the “Candy Wrappers” on the Treasures and/or the Reese’s. Allow each participant to choose 6 pieces of candy. Since the candy is labeled, they get to choose what they are thankful for. The participant must place the spoon in their mouth and then once the timer has started, they pick the candy up with their spoon. The person who can “dump” the most candy in a cup and then remove it from the cup within a minute, wins.


2. Suck It Up - Allow each participant to choose about 10 pieces of paper (each with something to be thankful for). Have pieces of paper and a straw on one table and then a cup about 10 feet away on another table.  Using the straw, the participant must suck the paper from the first table to their cup. The person who can get the most papers in the cup in a minute, wins.

3. Hit It - Line the participants and elastic bands up about 10 feet away from empty water bottles. The person to hit the most bottles and knock them down in one minute wins!

4. Trunk Junk - Tape the elastic band or belt onto the Kleenex box onto the opposite side of the opening. Fold the trunk junk papers into accordions, and place into box. These papers have things that perhaps we wouldn't be so grateful for... and would want to "get them out of our trunk". Participant ties the box around their waist, with the back to their back and jumps to get the paper out of the box. The person to get the most out in a minute, wins.

5. Hot Balloon - Each participant must keep 2 balloons in the air for an entire minute. Perhaps you can ask each participant to choose two things that they are grateful for, and each balloon represents one of them.

6. Oreo Face - The first person to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using any hands in a minute, wins. My "thanksgiving" tie-in here is simple... I'm just grateful for yummy Oreo's!!

There's points awarded for each activity (written on the activity card) and once everyone has had a turn with each activity, you can award the first, second and third place champion!

I tried picking games where the items would be commonly found in any home. Hopefully the only things that would need to be specially purchased are the Treasures, Reese's and Oreo's (although those are also commonly found in my home!)