Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Secret Combinations - FREE GAME

In the Faith in God book, the following requirement is under Learning and Living the Gospel: "Mark these verses about the Holy Ghost in your scriptures: John 14:1617, 2 Nephi 32:5, and Moroni 10:5. Discuss ways the Holy Ghost helps you." 

My friend recently introduced me to the game Secret Hitler. You guys, its super fun! Its a lot like the game MAFIA (which I played non-stop in my high school years) but even better. Basically theres a good team and a bad team, the people on the bad team try to make people think they are good and the people on the good team try to find out whose bad. Weve now had multiple game nights and have had a blast playing round after round. A couple weeks ago we were in Bear Lake with family and a bunch of my nieces and nephews (ages 7-14) played for hours and hours! 

My mother-in-law actually recommended I make a version of this game for Activity Days! I looked into the game a bit more and it actually says in their instructions manual that anyone is allowed to share, remix, transform and build upon the game, as long as you give them credit. Also its non-commercial so this game is on me! After printing, it takes about 30 minutes to put together and you should be ready for a super fun activity for 5-14 people!

For Activity Days, after marking/reading the scriptures and discussing how the Holy Ghost helps us, you can play this game with a leader as the Holy Ghost, prompting the "good" players and helping them find the "bad". It can be very tricky trying to figure out whose on what team, so having a leader whisper suggestions in players ears can help them choose the right! 

There are two Lamanite boards (one if you have 5-8 players, another if you have 9-12). You'll want to sit around a table, or at least in a circle. If you have more than 12 participants, you could print this game twice and split the groups up. 

To begin the game, each player gets a "YES" and "NO" card. They will use this to vote for Commander and Chief Judge. 

Each player should also get a "Character Card" which is either Nephite (good guys), Lamnaite (bad guys), or Gadianton Robber (baddest guy). THIS MUST REMAIN SECRET, however participants may lie about who they are. 
After everyone has their character card, the Commander sets up the game by saying the following: “Everyone close your eyes. Gadianton Robbers open your eyes (not Gadianton if 8+ players). Gadianton raise your hand. Gadianton Robbers close your eyes. Everyone open your eyes. Now that the game is set up, the Commander will choose a Chief Judge. 

Once voted in, the Commander will choose 3 commandments. The commander discards 1 and give the other two to the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge then discards 1 and plays the last commandment on the corresponding board. Then the commander-ship moves to the next person in the circle. The Chief Judge can be anyone the Commander chooses, you just can't be Chief Judge twice in a row. 

The Nephites win by playing 5 commandments on their board or by killing the Gadianton Robber. The Lamanites win by playing 6 commandments on their board or if the Gadianton Robber is appointed Chief Judge after the third commandment.

If you like THIS game and would like the real one, here's the link for the FREE PDF version that you can print yourself for free :)

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  1. I am an activity days leader and am REALLY INTERESTED in this game, but I don't understand it. Is there a youtube video of someone playing this game? I don't understand in the instructions where in the instructions some people are closing opening their eyes and how it is different if you have 8+ players. I also don't understand how the commandments work. If someone puts a Nephite commandment on the Nephite board, doesn't everyone know that that person is a Nephite? If so, how is it hard to know who is on what side?