Friday, September 7, 2018


You may think I was shouting with my ALL CAPS headline... and I was! I've been working on these for a while now, and I've been super excited to share!

Anyone ever use Red Stamp before it shut down <insert cry-face emoji here>? I loved it! I used it all the time... for invitations, thank-you cards, thinking of you cards.... anything I could think of, and really having an app that made making those things easy (and adorable) made me a nicer person. Ain't nobody got time to print+pay for invitations!

Since I loved Red Stamp so much, I wanted to do something similar for Activity Days (the best way I know how). These are all FREE and on-your-own time editable invitations. I'm going to call these Invitations + Text: Invatexts! Hopefully this makes sending out invitations and reminders for Activity Days easier and can help with getting more youth to come out!

 To use: Go to this blog from your phone, select which invitation you want and save it as a picture on your phone. Then open it in any photo editing app (my favorite is sketchbook... it's free and really great) and add text with your information on it. Save the new invitation with your information, and send your Invatext to anyone VIA text (or e-mail)!!

  I tried thinking of Activity Days that are pretty common. Drop me a comment below if there's an invitation you'd like to see... I'll be updating my "Invatexts" tab and adding more as I make them )

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  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your blog has saved me with my calling!!