Thursday, October 4, 2018

Primaria Días De Actividades Fe En Dios Carpeta

A couple months ago I was trying to decide whether to send my little kindergartner to the school that's super close and on the same schedule as my preschooler, or to fulfill a life-long goal of mine and send my kids to an immersion school. I went to French school until high school and have always wanted my kids to learn a language... French would have been ideal but any language is awesome (and Spanish is the closest immersion school to my home). At first I was told my kindergartner's permit request would be denied and I had come to terms with that not happening, until I got a call saying that I could have the spot, but I had to decide by the end of the day. You guys! That was a pretty BIG decision and I was so torn! 

I already had him enrolled in the nearby school with friends and moms I could carpool with. I was super tempted to just say no and leave it... making my life much easier. I called my husband and he said to give it a few hours and pray about it. I said I'm pretty sure he should just stay nearby but I would pray about it and give it 20 minutes - I didn't want to keep the school waiting. 

WELL, about 10 minutes after I got off the phone with my husband, I got this message from a reader:



Translation: Hello, do you have it available in Spanish?

My jaw dropped. Since I've had this blog, not once have I had someone ask me if I had anything in another language. And since President Monson has said that there is no such thing as coincidences... I couldn't help but be extremely grateful for this answer to my prayer. Fast forward 6-ish months... my kid has been going to the Spanish school and is absolutely loving it! 

Oh, and it wasn't available in Spanish- but now it is! (the best I could, anyways)


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