Thursday, April 4, 2019

Articles of Faith Hunt / Easter Activity

Each of the 13 Articles of Faith have been split up into 3 pieces (making a total of 39). 

With all the pieces prepared on either either Easter eggs or chocolate (pieces are sized to fit "treasures" but can really be put on anything you want), prepare them for an Easter egg hunt. Players must find all 3 pieces to each Article of Faith and then put the pieces in the correct order. Hide the pieces well if you want this to take a long time, or not so well for a faster activity. 

 If you would like two teams to race each other, assign each team a color (blue or pink) for a total of 78 pieces. They are only allowed to pick up pieces in their color. The first team to find all their pieces AND put the Articles of Faith in the correct order, WINS!

This activity took me about 20 minutes to cut, tape and spread eggs out :). Once the pages are cut, folded and glued, each "piece" will be double sided... with the number on one side and the Articles of faith piece on the other. 

If there is extra time, let the players fill out this handout :)

If you can access my blog from your phone, you can save this invitation below as a picture. Then, edit it with any simple photo-editing tool to add text. Then you can text out this invitation/reminder :)

I also made this for use anytime (not just Easter)

These files are available here 

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