Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mothers & Daughters Lunch and Fun

It has been over a year since we had this activity, and the girls still talk about it. We had this at the chapel and had the girls come a little early to help prepare the breakfast. We served breakfast casserole and fruit for breakfast for the first twenty minutes. One of the girls and her mom also did a duet of thier favorite song while everyone ate. Afterwards we went to the culteral hall and played "minute to win it". Here are the games that worked for the group and the materials we used. Not everyone played every game...
Game 1
-popcicle sticks
-candy (hot tamale)
Have a pile of candies on one table and about 10 feet away have a cup for each participant. The participant had to put a piece of candy on the end of the popcicle stick that was in thier mouth and get it to the cup. The person who got the most candy in their cup at the end of the minute, won.
Game 2
Very similar to Game 1, have the girls get the candy to the other table by sucking on the straw. The person who got the most candy in their cup at the end of the minute, won.
Game 3
-elastic bands
-empty water bottles
Have the water bottles on a table and tell the participant they have to stay about 10 feet away. Give them a few elastic bands and the first person to knock the water bottle down with an elastic band, wins.
Game 4 - everyone did this one-
Give each participant an Oreo. They place the Oreo on thier forhead and the first person to get it in thier mouth without using thier hands, wins.


I put together some signage, scorecards, banner, awards and a few other things for this activity and put them on my ETSY. I also made them in boy colors for any scout groups that may want to do it :)
This would make an awesome birthday party :)


  1. For the Oreo game, how exactly did that work putting it on their foreheads? The game sounds really interesting, but I am having a hard time envisioning how to do it.

  2. haha... you know I had a hard time envisioning how it would work also but I think it turned out to be one of the favorites... I think out of like 30 people there were only two who could do it. You start with your head tilted up to balance the oreo.... then you have to kinda move your face as you bring your head back down to let gravity slip the oreo down around your nose and into your mouth. The facial expressions were priceless!