Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Plate and Candlestick (Developing Talents)

We did this activity a very long time ago so I forgot to mention it earlier... but I think the girls really loved it so I wanted to post about it.

We made a cute serving plate by glueing a candlestick and plate together. These are super trendy right now and I think our girls at least felt super special that they would have one of thier own.

Here are some pictures of some that I found online. I didn't take any pictures when we made them with our girls, but here is the idea:

So I got the plates that we used at Tai Pan Trading for 90 cents each. They were super cute plates. Then I got the candlesticks at DI for 50 cents each. I got the glue that we used at a craft store... I can't remember what is was called now (had some numbers in it) but pretty much anybody that works at a craft store could probably tell you good glue to use. So for about a 1.50 per girl, they took home thier very own platter. I told the girls they can use it for food, they can put it in thier room and use it for jewelery or hair pins... whatever they want.


  1. Really love your ideas! Just got put in Activity Days with my daughter this month. I will be looking for ideas on your blog a lot! Is there any for you to put your calendars on the main blog so we can see them? I can't even read your plans for each month and my screen is pretty big. It's also blurry on my phone. Thanks so much!

  2. I wish I knew how! I'm planning on looking into that shortly. I have them saved in a word document if you want me to e-mail them to you, I'm happy to ;)

  3. Could you please email me your calendar? What great ideas you have! Please email me at: mommamorgan@mac.com