Thursday, November 20, 2014

Activity Days Scavenger Hunt - Learning and Living the Gospel

Guys- I'm like really excited about this one. It's a scavenger hunt that should work in all (typical) LDS buildings!

You will need:
- Scavenger hunt clues
-A puzzle with 9 pieces for each girl
-Envelopes for the girls to carry their pieces in
-Tape to create envelopes
-Tape for the girls to put the puzzle together

So first you start by creating the nine scavenger hunt clues. I made mine so that when you print them out you can turn them into envelopes that will hold the puzzle pieces. Here they are:

Once the clues are printed, just fold the paper on the dotted lines and then tape the sides so it creates an envelope.

 Then you'll need a puzzle with 9 pieces for each girl. Once you have the puzzle cut up, put the all the pieces for one section in one envelope. For example, if you have 12 girls, put all 12 pieces to the top corner piece in the envelope for this clue:

You can really use anything you want as the puzzle, you'll just want to cut it into 9 pieces if you use 9 clues. I made this subway art below to use as the puzzle.  It follows the 2015 Primary theme  "I know My Savior Lives".

Once the girls have all the puzzle pieces together, you can sing the song (especially great if you can time the activity for when they are learning it in primary) . Get lyrics for the whole song here: I know that my Savior loves me.  

You can also make an envelope for the girls (with instructions) to keep their puzzle pieces in as they are running about the building. They can decorate their envelope with their name. This would be awesome at the start of the activity to do while they are waiting for everyone to get there.

Then you just need to get to the building just a little before Activity Days starts so you can post the envelopes around the building. Just make sure you don't put a clue in the location of its answer, and you should be good. I think it would be fun to end the scavenger hunt in the kitchen with a yummy treat :).

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  1. What does this fall under? Dev talents? extra

  2. I would put it under "Learning and Living the Gospel".