Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Articles of Faith Tournament

A few years ago I did a tournament with the girls and I am finally re-creating it since I hadn't saved what I made. An "Articles of Faith Tournament" is a great way to learn the articles, and a good way for the girls to plan on passing them off with leaders. I made my tournament with six stations:

1. Pass Off (this station is with the leaders)
2.Word Search
3. Flashcards
4. Matching Game
5. Cross Word
6. Quiz

I would have the girls pair off and each start at a different station. Depending on how many girls you have, you may need more than just two girls at one station.  One of the great things about this is that it frees up the leaders to be at one of the stations while the girls are busy with the other stations to have one on one time with the girls for them to pass off memorized articles.

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p.s. I also made this for Scouts (as in I took the pink away and added green :)

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