Thursday, January 8, 2015

Family History, I am doing it! Learning and Living the Gospel

I have had the song "Family History - I Am Doing It" stuck in my head all week! I am taking this as a sign to finally post this family history chart (notice I did not say tree) that I have been meaning to post for a long time now.

One of the activities I did when I was a leader was teaching the girls about the online resources there are to do family history. One of the requirements under Learning and Living the Gospel says "Prepare a pedigree chart with your name and your parents' and grandparents' names. Prepare a family group record for your family and share a family story. Discuss how performing temple work blesses families".

For the activity, we had the girls look up their own family history and write it down, and browse We had each girl share a family story and we talked about how performing temple work blesses families. It would have been great to have somewhere cute they could write down their family history.


SnapShotPlace @ Etsy

 I also want to share that my very talented friend Hayley designed a really great Family Tree that she will customize, print and mail to you! I think it is a PERFECT gift - thoughtful, personal and timeless!

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