Monday, February 23, 2015

Activity Days - Faith In God Treasure Hunt

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, a Faith In God Treasure Hunt! 

This is a fun way to teach and review the Faith In God requirements. The idea is that you use the candy wrappers to cover pieces of chocolate (either Hershey's nuggets or Nestle treasures) with the Faith In God award requirements.  There are 10 candy wrappers, so you would want to plan 10 pieces of chocolate for each girl: 

-Pray Daily
-Read Scriptures
-Keep Commandments & Live My Gospel Standards
-Honor Your Parents & Be Kind To Your Family
-Pay Tithing
-Attend Sacrament & Primary
-Write Your Testimony
-Memorize the Articles of Faith 
-Activities for: Learning & Living the Gospel, Serving Others, Developing Talents, Preparing for Young Women

At the beginning of the activity you give each of the girls a treasure map and ask them to hunt for each of the "pieces of treasure" listed on the map. They can mark them off on their map as they find the pieces so they know which one they still need to find. For example, if I had 10 girls coming to the activity and it is being held in an LDS building, I would put all 10 "Daily Prayer" pieces in a bowl and put them in the kitchen. Then I would put all 10 "Read Scriptures" pieces in the young women's room... and so forth. Instruct the girls that once they have all the pieces, to meet back up in the Primary Room.

Once everyone is the Primary Room, you can give them their certificate which says: 

 X = Faith In God Award
. Now that you have collected all the pieces to the treasure hunt, you have all the requirements it takes to earn your Faith in God award. Enjoy your chocolate treasures while you remember the real “treasure” is earning your Faith in God award!

And also this reminder for their scriptures: 

Then you can talk about the importance of working toward their Faith In God award and doing all the requirements.


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  2. Thank you for having this blog! You have such cute ideas!

  3. This look like a fun game. Do all the girls use a same map and hunt for treasures together or all the maps are different? Thank you.