Thursday, April 23, 2015

Activity Days Mother's Day Activity - Serving Others

One of the Faith In God Requirements says, "Make a list of the qualities you like in a person. Choose one quality to develop in yourself. Discuss how showing respect and kindness strengthens you, your family, and others.

I made a "Qualities" activity that was super popular, so I thought I could stem off that with this Mother's Day Activity! The girls can make this Mother's Day card by choosing what qualities they see in their mother. Start with giving the girls a bunch of qualities. The one I made had 60, have them cut out the ones they chose. Then have the girls glue their petals on the stems to make flowers. I think it would be pretty fun for the girls to take this Mother's Day card home to their mothers and explain to them why they chose the qualities they did.

Start with this, then let the girls add the petals they think describe their mother

Use this definitions page to go over Qualities the girls may not know

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Activity Days Babysitting Kit - Serving Others

In the Faith In God book it reads:

"Entertain young children with songs or games you have learned or made yourself. Show that you know how to care for and protect a young child."

This kit includes:

1. Babysitting Kit cover page
2. Babysitting Questionnaire ( I would provide a few copies of this for each girl's kit)
3.  First Aid (I recommend also teaching the girls Rescue Breathing and CPR basics)
4. Games
5. Songs to Sing
6. Pick an Activity
7. Shape Game Template (A game the girls make themselves)

I put two to a page....
Two to a page when printed...

Larger version so you can read what's on the questionnaire..