Thursday, September 10, 2015

Activity Days Thirteenth Mystery - Preparing for Young Womens

In the Faith In God book, a requirement under "Preparing for Young Women" reads: After studying the thirteenth article of faith, make a list of things that are uplifting and virtuous. Discuss with a parent or leader how you can seek after these things.

I wanted to make a Halloween activity, and thought it would be fun to solve a "13th Mystery". So once all the girls have arrived at the activity, split them into two groups: The Orange Team, and The Purple Team. In a sealed envelope, and telling them they can't share any of the clues with the other team (to add to the mystery) give them their instructions and clue tracking sheet. 

Here are the "Purple Team's" instructions:

Then you'll want to have these 13 different "clues" that make up the 13th Article of Faith hidden for both the Purple Team and Orange Team. Put them in an envelope and label the envelopes with the provided "clue labels" (black envelopes not provided... and if you don't have envelopes, you could just set the label by the clues). That way the girls can keep track of which clues they have gotten on their clue tracker (the girls can assign one of the teammates to be in charge of this). 

I think this activity would actually be pretty great in an LDS church building. I've always thought an empty building with all the lights off was kind of creepy. You can have the clues spread out in the different classrooms and kind of hidden so they really have to look (depending on how long you want this part of the activity to be). Another option is having all the clues hidden in a dark gymnasium and giving the girls flashlights. They would probably think that was pretty neat... and you can tie in later that the flashlight was a way to help us learn to be uplifting and virtuous... kind of like the scriptures. 

SO you'll want to cut these clues up on the dotted line and then assign them a clue number (I don't think it should be in order following the Article of Faith.... just random)

Then, once the girls have found all the clues, they can work on "solving the mystery" and putting the Article of Faith in order. I imagine this being done on a chalk board with tape or magnets and the girls working together to get it right. Since the "Purple and "Orange" teams will be racing each other, hopefully that will be added incentive. Once they have done that, you can give them this "answer" to place next to their completed Article of Faith: 

Once they done and have the completed Article of Faith up in front of them, now they can split up and do this worksheet on their own: 



  1. This is an AWESOME idea! I am trying to move away from doing so many crafts and so finding an active activity, where they are moving around, using their brains, working together, and learning a lesson, is perfect! Thanks!

  2. This is great - I love it!! I have a small branch, where the boys and girls are together for activity days, and always struggle to find activities online that aren't just geared towards girls. you have many that I can use for both! Thank you.