Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Gospel Standards Game - Faith In God Award

I noticed recently that on the back cover on both the Faith In God for girls and boys is the "My Gospel Standards". I'm guessing that means they are pretty darn important so I wanted to come up with something that would make it fun for the girls to learn and go over them. Maybe I've been playing a little too much Bunco lately, but this "Rolling a seven shows the way to heaven" came to mind. It' gets pretty darn exciting when we roll a Bunco, so i'm hoping this will be too. All you need for this activity are 2 dice, scissors, glue, tape and about 10 to get it ready.  

 Post each "My Gospel Standard" on the walls around a room (there are 13 total), preferably in a room with a big table that everyone can fit around. Then have the "answer cards" on the table... with the front side faced up. Have the girls take turns rolling the dice, trying to roll 7. When someone does roll a seven, they can choose a Gospel Standard from the wall around the room. First they have to figure out the missing word, then look at the clues on the table to figure out which scripture/quote goes with the Gospel Standard. When they think they have chosen the right clue, they can turn the card over to see if they picked the right clue, and the right word. 

Standard Card

Answer Card
Front                                                      Back

 To get the answer cards to be front/back:

And then at the end of the activity you can give each of the girls one of these handouts to put in their scriptures :)

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