Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting to Know - Learning and Living the Gospel

In the Faith In God Book, it reads: "Read a recent conference address given by the prophet. Decide what you can do to follow the prophet, and do it".

I thought this would be a great activity before General Conference for the girls to get to know the brethren a little better. I made a PowerPoint using facts from their biography's on just a few bullet points so they can get to know them just a bit without being too overwhelmed. 

Depending on how many participants you have, assign them each brethren to look up BEFORE you look at the "Getting to know the first presidency & quorum of the twelve apostles" PowerPoint. Have them use their devices (phone, kindle, iPad) to fill in the blanks on the worksheet for their assigned brother. Once everyone is done, allow the participants to present the brethren that they researched to the group... in which they could also add anything they would like that's not listed on the PowerPoint but they learned during their research. Hook your laptop up to a TV so that everyone can see. Have the girls fill in the blanks in the worksheet while others are presenting so their worksheet is complete. 

Once they have completed the worksheet, you can pass out the quote handout. This has a famous quote from each of the brethren.  I would recommend they fold this and put it in their scriptures. Now that they are more familiar with who these brethren are, you can instruct them to go home and read a conference address, choose something they can do to follow the prophet, and do it. 

Then once everyone is brushed up on their apostle facts, you can split everyone into two groups. Have these trivia cards cut up and choose one at a time. Have one person from each team come to the front and face each other with a small table in between them. Place a spoon on the table. The first person who thinks they know the answer grabs the spoon. If neither of them know, they can get help from their team. Each correct answer is a point :).