Sunday, October 29, 2017

Faith In God BINGO Game

Recently the Primary President asked for us as leaders to keep track of what requirements each girl has checked off. I racked my brain for the best way to do that... felt like it would make for a pretty boring activity if we spent the hour just going through everyone's Faith In God books (and that's even IF we could get all the girls to bring theirs!) We decided to make it into a Halloween Party. We invited all our girls to dress in their Halloween costume, we blew up some balloons, had some treats and some Halloween games.  

I wanted a fun game to play for our Halloween party that was related to what we were doing. This Faith In God Bingo has all the requirements for the Faith In God award... making it a great way for the girls (or BOYS!) to review what it takes to get their award. 

While most the girls were playing Bingo with one of the leaders, one girl at a time met with me so we could go through their book and I could update my tracking sheet (shown below). We went through each of the four categories, making sure the "Faith in God Achievement Record" at the end of their book was also updated. I had candy at my table, too ;)

After the Bingo game and once all the girl's books had been updated, we played a little gummy worm game. I put four gummy worms on a paper plate and covered the gummy worms with whipping cream. The first girl to finish finding and eating all four gummy worms, with their hands behind their back- WON. This was super fun and everyone's faces had whipping cream all over. 

I figured this "Faith in God Bingo" could be great at just about any holiday party or activity, so I made them for Valentines, St Patrick's Day, Christmas and 4th of July as well. That way if anyone is looking for a quick, fun, but also very related to Faith in God activity... this is a great fit! 




I changed this a little to fit the new 2020 Personal Development program. The new cards good like this: 


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