Friday, August 10, 2018

Articles of Faith Trivia Game - Learning and Living the Gospel

Best way to learn anything is having fun! For this game you’ll want to split the group into two. Each group takes turns rolling a dice. When an EVEN number is rolled, the player may pick a “Trivia Card”. The trivia card has either an Article of Faith with a fill in the blank or an Article of Faith with “what’s the number” in which the player answers what article it is. The player must read the whole Article of Faith out loud for everyone to hear, and fill in the blank as they read it. Failure to read the whole article, with the correct missing word means they may not advance on the game board. If the player answers the trivia card correctly, they move forward the amount of spaces they rolled (either 2, 4 or 6). The first team to reach the end, WINS! You can get my files for this game HERE.  

 You'll also want to provide everyone with a cheat sheet, that they can take home with them after to work on passing off memorizing the Article of Faith. 

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