Saturday, August 11, 2018

Scripture Drawing Telephone - Learning and Living the Gospel

Ever play the game where you say something into someone's ear, they whisper it to the next person and then after going all the way around a circle, you see where it ended up? This is kind of like that but with drawing pictures. After playing this quite a bit with my family, I thought this would be great for Activity Days using scripture centered words. To start, everyone needs to pick a word. I came up with 40 scripture-related words (like prayer, temple, family, fish, whale, Christmas, baptism, brass plates, prayer....)

Everyone will need a booklet (if you plan on playing multiple times, you'll want to print this page accordingly). This can be printed and then stapled together with the cover page on the front and the final guess page in the back. The player writes their name and secret word on the second page of the booklet and then at the same time, everyone passes the book to the next person in the circle. If you have more than 6 people, it won't end where it started, but that's okay. When the books are filled with guesses and drawings, show each of the pictures to everyone and see how the word evolved, it's usually pretty funny!

You can get my files for this activity HERE

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  1. This is so fun. It's not available in your etsy shop anymore?