Sunday, September 30, 2018

Prophets & Apostles Jeoparty! Learning and Living the Gospel

Need a fun way to learn about our Prophet and Apostles? Play Jeoparty! The idea is to give your youth an info sheet before the activity (maybe the Sunday before or even just right before you play the game)  and ask them to memorize as much information as they can. Using facts from the brethren's biography's on, this info sheet has just a few bullet points so they can get to know them just a bit without being too overwhelmed. 

I would also recommend printing this quote sheet on the back of the info sheet...  

This game of Jeoparty has the following categories, and each of the questions come from the info sheet. 

Where in the World - Questions about where they were born
Smarty Pants - Questions about their education
Called to Serve - Questions about their missions
Bring Home the Bacon - Questions about their careers
Wise Counsel - A missing word from their quote

Divide your group into two teams, and the team that has the most points at the end, WINS!

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