Monday, January 27, 2020

Primary Activities Planning Meeting

So I have these pages available in the "Primary Activities Kit', but wanted to explain them a little more. If you are a little confused about where to start with this new program... you are not alone! While I am no authority on how this should all be done... I thought I would share how I would go about being a Primary Leader and holding activities. 

1 - Host a planning meeting with all the youth. Go over the 4 categories and read their descriptions. Have them brainstorm goals they would like to work on and jot down a bunch of ideas ready to share with the whole group. 

2- After brainstorming lots of goals, have each child decide on one for each category and start thinking about ways they want to accomplish it. This does not need to be shared and can be personal. Also give each child a parent support sheet to take home. Please note there are extra spots under each category. The children were told once they completed their goal, they can choose to work on another one. They may want another copy of the "Personal Development Goals" page, but the parents can keep track of all the goals the child worked on that year in one place. Also, if a child wanted to keep a goal private, a parent could just write "private goal". 

 3- Once the youth have decided on their goals, you can ask if there are any that would like to complete their goal during a Primary activity. They would be in charge of that Primary activity and would plan and organize everything. Have them choose a date, describe the activity and tell you which category their goals falls under. You can start to fill in this calendar and build what your activities will look like together. If there are activities that a youth is not in charge (depending on how many youth you have), then the leader can decide what the activity will be and fill in where needed.
 Hopefully this gives some direction on how to get going with Primary Activities! I also have a list HERE of activities to help with your brainstorming :)

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