Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Youth Activities and Goals Kit for 2020

Momentarily interrupting this primarily Primary blog with a YOUTH Activities and Goals kit. Very similar to the Primary kit, I tweaked a few things to make this work for the youth. Hoping this can be helpful in organizing goal-oriented activities and helping leaders and parents support the youth in their goals :)

To use this invitation (anyone can use this anytime): Go to this blog from your phone, select this picture and "save image" to your phone. Then open it in any photo editing app and add text with your information on it. Save the new invitation with your information, and send your invitation to anyone VIA text (or e-mail)!!


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  2. I love this resource and would love to get this for my primary activity day leaders! But it says unavailable in your etsy shop. Is there a way to get this still?