Friday, August 28, 2015

Activity Days Scripture Mastery Bookmarks - Learning and Living the Gospel


Get your girls prepared for seminary by introducing the Scripture Masteries with these bookmarks! 

For most of my childhood, my mom was the early-morning seminary teacher in our home. She got released when I was about 8 years old, and I guess she had a hard time letting go of teaching because we started having family scripture study and would do what she would as a seminary teacher. I was able to learn and pass off many of the scripture masteries long before my seminary years... and when I did go to seminary, I feel like I had a great head start. 

Even though seminary may be a ways out for some of the girls, this is an awesome introduction and review of some key scriptures (or even just a way to get the girls to open their scriptures and get an idea of what's in there). Each bookmark has the scripture reference and a description of what the scripture is about. There are 25 scripture masteries for each book making 100 total (Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, The Old Testament, The New Testament).

For this activity, you can ask the girls to bring their own scriptures, or if it's appropriate and you have the budget, you can provide them with their very own set of scriptures (I got my very own set from my aunt when I turned 8, and they are still the ones I use today). Then they can spend the activity marking the scripture masteries in their scriptures, cutting out these bookmarks and placing them in their scriptures. I would have LOVED this when I went to seminary. Hopefully this can give them a good head start!

Made them in boy colors too :)


Activity Days Thank You Card - Serving Others

This activity was pretty popular, and then someone asked me if this could be made into a "Thank You" card instead of a Mother's Day Card. Well of coarse! This would be great for any lesson on gratitude where the girls can pick anyone they want to make the card for, or for a leader or bishop they would like to thank for whatever reason :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What is Activity Days?

For experienced Activity Day leaders, this is a great reminder and for new Activity Day leaders, this is great information! Took this straight from the church website

“Creative, innovative … activities can be stimulating and fun, but … every lesson, every meeting, and every activity should be focused on bringing these little ones to Christ.” —M. Russell Ballard

What might I consider in planning activities?

  • Prayerfully consider the individual needs and interests of the children.
  • Counsel with the Primary presidency, families, and children.
  • Ensure that activities accomplish gospel-centered purposes.

Have you thought about …

  • What can help children and their families accomplish the Faith in God requirements?
  • How can I get to know each of the children?
  • How can the activities strengthen each child’s faith in Jesus Christ?
  • How can the activities help the children understand and keep their baptismal covenant?
  • What can I do to help the children prepare to go to the temple?
  • How can I help the children gain a testimony of the power of the priesthood in their life?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Activity Days Good Manners School - Serving Others

In the Faith In God book, one of the requirements under "Serving Others" says: Learn about and practice good manners and courtesy

Just in time for back to school season, this activity is perfect for teaching the girls some basics in manners. The only thing you'll need besides these printouts is pens, scissors, items to set up a table and a treat if you wish to serve them one.

There are five "classrooms" to this Good Manners School:

1. Phone Etiquette
2. As A Lady Would Say
3. Personal Hygiene
4. Good Manners Craft

5. Table Manners

1. Phone Etiquette   Teach the girls some basics in phone etiquette, and have them practice phone conversations.

2. As A Lady Would Say Quiz  A quiz to teach the girls what a "lady" would say. (Answers: All True and all D - see below)

3. Personal Hygiene  A crossword puzzle to help remember what we should all be doing for personal hygiene.

4. Good Manners Craft  The girls can put together a saying board to help them remember how to always speak politely.

5. Table Manners  This has some dining tips and also a map of how to set the table. I would have the girls practice setting up their own place using the proper format, and then you can serve them a treat.