Friday, February 19, 2016

Stand As A Witness Of God - Preparing for Young Womens

One of the memories I have from becoming a Young Women, was how intimidated I was by the Young Women theme. When everyone stood up and recited it on that first Sunday, I remember thinking how embarrassing it would be if I didn't memorize it too, and quick!

In the Faith In God book, one of the requirements is "Talk with the beehive class presidency or a member of the Young Women presidency about the purpose and importance of the Young Women program." 

 On the cover of the Personal Progress book it says "Standing As A Witness Of God", and I wanted to make that theme very clear throughout this activity. As the requirement says, you can invite the beehive class presidency (or I think just one beehive would still be great) to the activity to talk about the purpose and importance of the Young Women program. 

There are 5 tournament stations (Matching, Searching, Solving, Arranging, Questioning). The idea is that there are at least two girls at each station. If you have a lot of girls, then you can put your girls in pairs and have four at each station, so there's two that get to work together. They have a scorecard, and the girl with the most points at the end, WINS! Each station has a table tent with the station name, and instructions on the back for the girls to know what to do. 

1. Matching - Take turns matching each value with its definition. For each match you get, you get 2 points. Don't worry, there's a cheat sheet just in case you need one :)

2. Searching - Race the other team in searching the scripture on each value. Place all the cards face down, and when everyone is ready, you can turn one over.  The first person to the scripture gets to read the scripture to everyone, and wins. They also get to choose the next card to turn over. 2 points for every time to win the scripture search.

3. Solving - Just like working on our Personal Progress can help us to become more like our Heavenly Father, use the key to solve this riddle and find out the Young Women Motto! 5 points for solving the riddle. 

4. Arranging - Put the YW theme in the correct order. Have two of these word scrambles printed. The two teams can race each other and the first team to put the theme in the correct order, wins! 

5. Answering - I didn't have a copy of a personal progress book at my home, but this station is for the girls to get a look a personal progress book, and ask questions about Young Women's. If you can have a beehive come, they can sit at this station and answer any questions the girls might have as they look through a Personal Progress book. 1 point for every question the girls ask. 


 At the end of the activity, give the girls this handout to put in their scriptures so they have easy access to the theme, especially for those first few months on Sunday when they it :)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Gospel Standards Game - Faith In God Award

I noticed recently that on the back cover on both the Faith In God for girls and boys is the "My Gospel Standards". I'm guessing that means they are pretty darn important so I wanted to come up with something that would make it fun for the girls to learn and go over them. Maybe I've been playing a little too much Bunco lately, but this "Rolling a seven shows the way to heaven" came to mind. It' gets pretty darn exciting when we roll a Bunco, so i'm hoping this will be too. All you need for this activity are 2 dice, scissors, glue, tape and about 10 to get it ready.  

 Post each "My Gospel Standard" on the walls around a room (there are 13 total), preferably in a room with a big table that everyone can fit around. Then have the "answer cards" on the table... with the front side faced up. Have the girls take turns rolling the dice, trying to roll 7. When someone does roll a seven, they can choose a Gospel Standard from the wall around the room. First they have to figure out the missing word, then look at the clues on the table to figure out which scripture/quote goes with the Gospel Standard. When they think they have chosen the right clue, they can turn the card over to see if they picked the right clue, and the right word. 

Standard Card

Answer Card
Front                                                      Back

 To get the answer cards to be front/back:

And then at the end of the activity you can give each of the girls one of these handouts to put in their scriptures :)